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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Opposite Land

Last Friday I stopped into the launch party for the Insight Garage Art Tour@Opposite Space (Sukhumvit Soi 51) sponsored by Pronto Denim.

The exhibition consists of paintings by Steve Garrow, Creative Director of Australian lifestyle brand Insight. The paintings are traveling through Asia and tonight is the last night in Bangkok.

I've been to the bar WTF (opposite Opposite Space - ooooh I get it) a few times and never realized across the muddy sub-soi was a cool art space. WTF a little hidden bar with an eclectic crowd and great cocktails.

The prints and originals displayed were very postmodern, each playing off an image or symbol of pop culture. Apparently the series of paintings tells the story of the artists relationship with a women he met, fell in love with, had a child with, married and divorced.

Expect to admire the tight pants of hipster Thai guys and cool flowing dresses and funky hairstyle of the chicas. Oh and there might be a few expats actually interested in purchasing art and not just being in the same space as art, free booze and a cool band - The Jerm.

The event was sponsored by Stolichnaya vodka and Tiger beer. I was one of the few to who dared to try the yaa dong (ยาดอง), Thai herbal whiskey, for lack of a better description. Maybe you've seen these big pots with red cloth lids set up on the sidewalk with a few metal folding tables and chairs? There's one conveniently located in every soi (pic below), but something told me most people at the event had never tasted the snake and scorpion-fermented alcohol.

Check out Pronto Denim, a multi-label store in Siam Paragon, Siam Square and Central World, for authentic designer denim and unique brands.

Yaa Dong (image from Google Images)

Monday, April 11, 2011

The House of Everything

The Thonglor - Ekamai area has so many little shops, restaurants and outdoor malls its really like a little village separate from the rest of Bangkok...a trendy, stylish, somewhat yuppie village.

I explored a new place the other day at the suggestion of my friend Sumati. Being the editor of the Bangkok Post's Guru Magazine she has no choice but to know about whatever noodle cart or shopping mall springs up to grace the streets of Bangkok.

Baan Ekamai is located on a small soi off of Thonglor 20/Ekamai 21 (you can enter from either soi). It's a big house, hence the name, and not a condo which it sounds like it should be.

The house encompasses 3 clothing & accessory shops and a pasta restaurant slash dessert bar called Felice. First hand dresses, skirts tops and some vintage dresses are found @ Heidi's Secret. CoCue Basic No.77, the largest vintage enclave I've come across in our fair city, has lots to explore including first hand items. Him & Her is vintage, men's and women's of course - it's tiny but you don't have to dig to find something you like.

When we went on a Saturday afternoon the crowd was mostly the store owners and their friends and several gigantic Persian cats. Felice was deserted so we chose to make our way to Thonglor for coffee... Thanks to the hidden loction Baan Ekamai won't have crowds (at least not yet) but the less crowded the better, I say, when it comes to finding hidden vintage treasures.

Check out the blog for map, info and upates.

CoCue Basic No.77

 Can you guess which one is the mannequin?
Hint: Sumati has not yet been cast in wax by Madame Tussauds.