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Monday, May 23, 2011

The Belly of the Beast

The heat is stifling. Sweat is beading on your upper lip. Relentless crowds shove you to and fro as pleated skirts and neon tank tops all blend together in one horrific blur. The sweet relief of indoor shopping beckons, but the prices! Oh! The prices!

Let's venture inside Lido, shall we? Climate controlled and less crowded than the shops outside, but without the monotony of Paragon, nor the chaos of MBK. Although it seems the highest traffic, and therefore rent, is allocated to the sois framing the old movie house, there's a few interesting shops left inside Lido.

Three interesting shops and several gray notes poorer, I left.

Here's what I found.

Shoes Palette - The middle shop as soon as you enter Lido. Vintage shoes and bags. If you have big feet like me you probably won't be able to fit into them and will have to relinquish the second hand shoes to your more delicate footed friends. Sigh. Bags fit anyone though.

Ballet Shoes Since 1959 - At the very front of Lido. Started as a dancing shoe company and that's still their specialty. But now uncoordinated people can get in on the fun! Variety of flats and heels in work friendly heights and mostly muted colors. Some bright and animal print flats. A tad pricey at over 2,000 per pair, but quality looks solid. Check out their facebook for their other branches.

Sugar and Cream - First lane, then first right. Vintage clothing in the vein of Again & Again, and many more shops popping up everywhere. Although the fabrics are mostly heat stroke-inducing polyester but there are some good finds. I left with two tops, but be prepared to dig and try stuff on to make sure the weird vintage fit works. Dresses around 1,000 and tops and skirts 690-890.

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