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Monday, June 27, 2011

But First, Songkhla

I spent the weekend in Songkhla. But that's no excuse not to blog! I spent my time as I always do when I go down south to visit my family; eating, getting some Buddhist guidance from my grandma, eating, walking around, and did I mention eating? Here's some photographic chronicles of my 24 hr trip 'ต่างจังหวัด' (upcountry, or in this case downcountry).

I strolled down the Walking Street for the festival 'สงขลาแต่แรก' ('But first, Songkhla') which basically means a celebration of Songkhla history. Tons of food, puppet shows with traditional leather cut out puppets, rock music and antiques. New and vintage clothing were both in abundance. I love vintage clothing because it's really just recycling. And all fashion is cyclical so second hand is always relevant.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New Shop, Same Concept

I stopped at this shop on Siam Square soi 3 way back in February. When I was walking around again with my cousins from NYC a couple weeks ago, we decided to check it out again. It changed a lot since February. More selection and more shoppers but it still has my favorite Union Jack dresser from furniture store Casa Pagoda!

They have a bigger shop than most of their type in Siam, but the Concept remains on trend...funky, vintage, retro, hipster, whatever you want to call it, it's everywhere now.

All first hand: random dresses, flowy and vintage style blouses, short silk/poly and lace shorts, high waisted pants, funky platforms and heels and blazers. Don't expect amazing fabric but the cuts and style of the pieces rival Zara in fast fashion. Mostly one-off pieces, I suspect from Korea, so sizes run pretty small...and be prepared to pay - most pieces are around 2,000Baht.  Siam prices have really gone up through the years, don't you think?? Maybe I should start hitting up talad style instead!

Concept by Corner, February 2011

Concept by Corner, June 2011