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Monday, July 11, 2011

Underground Mall @ Kamphaeng Phet MRT

Sweet, sweet air-con!

Inside the MRT, or underground, you may notice hordes of teenagers and sweaty tourists milling about. Elbow them out of your way and head into the Underground Mall. There's new and vintage clothing stores, toy shops, Blythe dolls, computer bags and second hand designer bags.

If you're traveling to Chatuchak from the Kamphaeng Phet MRT, this place is worth a visit. Some pics from 2 notable shops below.

Junk Garage by Kenya - This shop is on both sides of the walkway. Turn into the left side for 60's dresses, vintage bags and clutches, so much jewelry it would put my hoarder great grandma to shame, and retro toys. Turn right for second hand watches, bowls, ashtrays, knick knacks, luggage, vintage decor.

Lux Living - Secondhand designer handbags and some second hand clothes. Small selection but everything is in very good condition and high quality.

Lann Cha at Chatuchak

Rest those weary chappals. Iced mint tea, cinnamon milk tea, green tea lattes and teensy sandwiches.

To actually find this place, take Exit 2 from Kamphaeng Phet MRT and make your way along the outter soi of Chatuchak staying along Kamphaeng Phet Rd. The entrance of the soi will be at the vintage Thai posters. There's some cute cafes and some well-known food spots as you walk along this soi.

Lann Cha
Section 3, Room 122-123, Soi 3, 02-513-0145/6. Open Sat 9am-7pm, Sun 9:30am-7pm

My friend detailed some great spots in Chatuchak for BK Magazine. Chomping Our Way Through Chatuchak by Mim Koletschka | BK Magazine Online