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Sunday, August 7, 2011


After a work event yesterday, which had me on my feet for about 12 hours, my legs just aren't up for a shopping trip around Siam. So time for some virtual browsing...

I just learned about the Remake/Remodel project which took place earlier this month in London. 4 next generation Thai designers, Sorada Thaiwaranon, Boat Khajeenikorn, Pun Sarasas and accessories designer, Rudi Joti, rework the most iconic of Thai textiles - Thai silk.

You know Thai silk. You've seen it on countless purple-haired Khun Yings, stiffly covering the modesty of female public officials at formal events and on almost every other Thai female over the age of 45 at one point or another. It's a beautiful fabric, but if anyone's in need of a facelift and some PR, it's Thai silk.

These Thai designers, each enrolled in design institutes in London, presented a commissioned collection featuring their interpretation of Thai silk. 

Although I love a bargain as much as the next girl, I want to see Thailand known for innovative fashion and design not just cheap Red Bull t-shirts. Hope these designers set up a flagship store in Siam Discovery soon! And hey, maybe one day Yingluck will be the Michelle Obama to their Thakoon.

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