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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Siam Vintage

*After hearing Siam Vintage wasn't doing so well I went to check it out on June 12, 2013 and it has been shut down. How sad!*

Newest addition to the Bangkok's vintage clothing scene is elevated soi Siam Vintage, located at Siam Square soi 9-10 (behind Chulalongkorn University bookshop). The first glimpse of this new fashion nest connotes its lofty intentions and eclectic style. Either that or Siam Square rent is getting so ridic they were forced to build their own second story.

The shops perched atop Siam Vintage include several new branches of old favorites like Again & Again and His & Her Vintage (from Chatuchak). There's also some new eateries - restaurant Kincuchina and cafe Beef and Lemon. When we strolled through in the late afternoon, both were populated with a smattering of fashionable people. Past the turqoise steps and black walled-entrance, the decor of the soi is as thoughtful and interesting as each individual shop.

The grand opening is on April 18 2012, so a few of the shops were in the process of setting up and we hope to find more of a selection next time. But we forgive you. There was a lot to see already, especially if you're looking for accessories, jewelry and sunglasses. Clothing not so much - to find treasures in Again & Again we'll still head to Thonlgor for a better selection. As with most 'vintage' spots in Bangkok, many shops carry first and second hand products.

Siam Vintage opens around noon and closes around 8pm daily.

Guru Magazine article on Siam Vintage.

Check out the soi's Facebook page here.

Bling Bling (Open daily 11am-8pm. 081-453-7188, 089-486-4999)

His & Her Vintage (Open daily 12:30-8pm. 082-345-4001)


Be Queen



Again & Again (Open daily noon-8pm. 081-768-3868)

Him & Her (Open daily 11am-8pm. 086-977-8200)


Shannon Valle said...

Not all the shops are exclusively second hand are they? My mom doesn't like me buying second hand clothes because of a dead person thing... But it looks like there's a lot of amazing bags & shoes here.

Tara C. said...

Yup, there's first hand stuff too like bags, shoes, jewelry and accessories. Also some clothing brands like Tutti are not second hand. I get the dead person thing, it turns a lot of people off vintage I think. But I still recommend checking it out when you're in Bangkok! I'm going to try to go back soon and see what new stuff is there post-grand opening.

Catherine said...

Hey Tara, thanks for this post - I'm heading to BKK next week and have been trying to find out where best to head to snap up some vintage fashions. Your post is really helpful :)

Tara C. said...

Hi Catherine! Really glad you enjoyed it! The flagship Again & Again store is in Thonglor, which I also wrote about, and Chatuchak market is always good for unique vintage pieces! Have a great time in Bkk!

Shannon Valle said...

Sorry to be a nuisance, but do Thai retailers care if you take photos of there merchandise & in their shops because when I go back there I would really like to take more photos this time to add to my blog. Should I ask before taking photos or just take photos & risk being told not to. I don't want to end up with a fine or anything :/
Help would be greatly appreciated! :)


Tara C. said...

Hey Shann ... I don't ask permission first. It's true some sellers don't like people taking pictures of their stuff, and if they see you taking pictures they will just politely ask you not to. A lot of the time I take pictures from outside the shop because that's public space. There won't be fines for taking photos, so don't worry and snap away I say! :)

CoCoNut said...

Hi Tara, I just noticed your post that Siam Vintage is now closed. Do you know if this is a permanent closure? I'm sad too as I was looking forward to check it out during my visit next month.

Tara C. said...

Sadly, it seems to be shut down for good. Most shops you can still find in different locations (Again & Again and Tutti are in Thonglor MarketPlace, Him & Her is in Rainhill Sukhumvit Soi 47). I'll update this post if I hear any news!