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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Jaspal Special Collection by Nuj Novakhett

An Element of Mystery

I've been shopping at Jaspal for over a decade, a quarter of the brand's lifetime. It's somewhat of a mysterious brand to me throughout the years. At first I thought it was a foreign upscale brand. I felt the clothes were aimed more at the working-age girl rather than my teenage self. (Part of the mystery might come from their commitment to using only European-looking models in their advertising.)

That Awkward Phase

By the time I started working I knew it was a Thai brand, founded by a Thai-Indian family with a background in textiles. By then I didn't relate to the brand. Everything seemed embellished where it didn't need to be and I couldn't find any pieces that would last beyond the season.

Sure, when the 70% sale came around I was rifling through the racks with the best of 'em. But it wasn't a staple label in my wardrobe. Meanwhile, Jaspal was busy adding a Home collection, introducing other brands like Footwork to the Thai market and expanding to Malaysia.

To Brand or Not to Brand

I think the Thai-Indian founders had the right idea - going from a manufacturer or middle man creating and selling fabrics for other brands to a being the designer and brand yourself. Incidentally, many Chinese retail companies are now doing the same.

The Next Step with Nuj

Now, the brand has developed itself once more. Following in the footsteps of retail giants TopShop, H&M and event Target, Jaspal has introduced it's first co-branded designer capsule collection.
Nuj Novakhett isn't as famous in Thailand as she is in New York and LA, a quality that will soon ensure her fame here in Bangkok. She studied at Parsons the New School of Design and has already shown at New York Fashion Week. Read more about her here.

Inspired by the under water world, the collection is demure but in control, sexy but hidden. She takes slim, structured silhouettes and adds unexpected cutouts. Draped dresses and tops, and soft pastel colors contrasted with black round out the collection. With a nod to Thai conservative culture (I think) she offers mesh slips in nude and black to lengthen dresses and skirts. Bonus: it looks very chic too. See the entire collection here. The best part? Prices mostly hover around 2,000 Baht - 5,000 Baht.

Nuj Novakhett's capsule collection, part of Jaspal's Pre Fall 2012-2013 collection is 20% off at Terminal 21 (Asoke) until tomorrow Sunday July 1. Jaspal has store locations around Thailand and Malaysia.

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