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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Thai Airways Market II

I made another visit to the Thai Airways Market with few friends last weekend. The same staple shops were there with new collections of clothes imported from the check-in bags of Thai Airways US, Hong Kong and Korean-bound stewardesses. See my past post for more detailed info on Thai Airways Market.

The food court here has some of the best options for Thai food and there's even pasta. 
The original fresh spring rolls 'ก๋วยเตี๋ยวลุยสวน' which have been copied all over the city.
First stop was the outdoor section of the market, closest to the food court.  Cheap work-wear for us office workers.

Great deals on clothes they claim are imported from Korea.  More likely China, but hey who's counting.

Ceramic earrings galore at this stall. Lane closest (parallel) to the food court, you can't miss it.

Some styles here I've seen in Siam and Terminal 21. Prices at Thai Airways are around the same as these other shopping meccas.
Name brand brushes and makeup. Might not last as long as the real thing, but a good deal at less than 200 Baht each for brushes.
Inner portion of the market with air-con shops.

Believe store selling makeup, cosmetics, and personal care products from name brands. Lancome, Clinique, Urban Decay, Benefit, La Mer etc. Cheaper than department stores but items are real so shop owners won't bargain too much.
'Soi 1' at the end of the first air con shop soi.  Lots of work appropriate and trendy clothes, peplum tops, layered skirts , shift dresses and colorful blazers. Prices upwards of 2,000Baht, everything imported from Korea or US.

Clothes frenzy in the middle of the market (air-con side). This kiosk sells knit tops and dresses by brands like H&M, Gap, and some American brands I've never heard of before. All made in Thailand so prices are around 200 Baht each.
Tops from the kiosk.

Next to the kiosk this shop sells original Thai designer duds like Kloset and Sretsis, usually only 1 piece of each item so don't expect to find different sizes.

Shoes from BCBG, House of Harlow, Tory Burch, Prada and Michael Kors.

'Kanta' takes on the neon trend with a vengeance! Flowery pants, bright tanks and colorful jeans.

Soft pastel prints and more peplum tops spotted on the way out of the market. This shop is in the outermost lane (along the road) halfway through the lane - flowy tanks may fit larger sizes, but beware like most shops, there's only one small size for many items.
A vintage top  I got for 700 Baht from the non-air con side of the market.


Shannon Valle said...

Omg! I'm in Bangkok now but I don't think anyone wants to come with me all the way to the airport to watch me shop for clothes lol.. Post something closer to the city centre haha

Tara C. said...

It's pretty easy to get to - it's not at the airport, but at the Thai Airways headquarters. Take the BTS to Mor Chit or MRT to Lad Prao then take a cab to Vibhavadi Soi 22 (Talaad Gaan Bin Thai). Or else, have you tried Siam Square? Enjoy your trip here! :)

Studs Shop said...

is it easy to get plus size clothes there?

chef wear uniforms said...

Nice Workwear

Tara C. said...

@ceiling - There are a couple shops that specialize in plus size clothing. In the other stores you may find some options, but generally sizes are small in Thailand. By my estimate average market stalls and small shops carry size 0-4 (US sizes). Lots of items are free size, or only 1-2 pieces in stock, so finding the right size is sometimes a challenge! It's my biggest gripe with shopping here. If you have a chance I'd say go check it out anyway, there's always accessories, shoes, cosmetics and good food!

mimi said...

hello,i will becoming to bkk next week for some bulk shopping,where can i get good quality things(clothes,shoes,accessories and hair extensions)?

Anonymous said...

My wife and I went there two days ago. It was a fantastic place although half the shops were closed because of New Year. Got some bargain "designer" bags

Paul and Mazal said...

My wife and I visited this market. The conceirge at the hotel we were staying at was reluctant to give us directions and kept telling us to go to the "tourist" market. (The genuine Thai markets are for Thai only....)
We stopped at the first shop that sold nail varnish (shop in one of the pictures) and the lady said. "Oh, you are the foreigners here". We said, "what do you mean?" She replied that, "within two minutes the whole market knew that two foreigners arrived." She was nice and told us how to bargain in this market.
It was the best market we visited in Thailand (although, maybe not so exiting as some other places).