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Thursday, September 6, 2012

SOS - Save Our Style!

I recently discovered new online magazine and shop SOS, which stands for Symbols of Style, after either a paid ad or a friend liking it caught my eye on Facebook. Can't quite remember now.

Every item, photograph, interview and restaurant review (yes, they do food too) is carefully selected for its design aesthetic and style. I think this site really has the potential to be a style bible for Thailand. I'm a believer in Thai style. It's different and unique and we have our own trends. It's not the same when our magazines are supplanted with spreads from Marie Claire UK. Thai designers also need a stage that grants them the respect they deserve.

For once, SOS is taking into consideration how Thais really dress here, current trends, not just those walking down Paris catwalks, and practical issues like weather, seasonality. (See their post on 'hot weather leather.')

I just received my first SOS package the other day, delicately wrapped in tissue paper, arriving fashionably on time!

With different special deals on orders every day of the week and regular updates on products, it won't be my last!

Find them online at:
Facebook Page: Symbols of Style
Twitter: @Symbolsofstyle


Shannon Valle said...

This is so cool!
How much is it?
I miss Thailand :(


Tara C. said...

The things I ordered were all between 1,000-1,500 Baht. But prices on some higher end bags and clothes go upwards of 10,000! Yeah, it's a cool website and I love how it's focused on design not just trends. I think it can really find a niche when most new online retailers are all shouting about sales and trends, SOS keeps it classy! :)

@bangkok said...

Cool site, I already found some places I wanna check out in the dining reviews section. Thanks for sharing :)