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Monday, December 30, 2013

Pomelo, Southeast Asia's new online fashion brand

A while back I wrote about e-commerce changing how we shop in Thailand. I'm happy to report I'm now a real part of that 'online shopping revolution,' and not just a shining example of online shopping addiction.

Cropped Burgundy Sweatshirt (1,790 Baht) &
Lace Trim Burgundy Skirt (2,190 Baht)  http://pmlo.co/1jZsEh3
Photoshoot by Diane Piroon Photography @ Fatbird Ari
I started working at Pomelo (www.pomelofashion.com) about 6 months ago, looking after website content, social media, marketing and public relations. Our philosophy is to bring stylish pieces straight to your door anywhere in Thailand and Singapore (more countries coming soon!) in a couple days or less at reasonable prices with the nicest most efficient (and style savvy) customer service ever. Shameless sales pitch? Check.

Geometric Shirt (Size M, 1,690 Baht http://pmlo.co/1bwXBPJ)
Photoshoot by Diane Piroon Photography @ Fatbird Ari
There's so much room for new fashion in Thailand, especially now that we're embracing more trends from overseas and expressing ourselves a lot more through how we dress. And not to sound like the TAT slogan machine, but Thailand is sort of the fashion hub of Southeast Asia. (Just look at how many Singaporeans and Malaysians descend on Terminal 21 during the winter months.)

This is the perfect time for a start-up fashion brand like Pomelo. We're takeing the trends from Asia - sometimes ones that Thailand is already in love with (e.g. crop tops) and sometimes ones that are the next big thing (eg. big bold print dresses) - and bringing them to Thailand in a very accessible way. The look is street style taken up a notch, chic and effortless, plus work staples with a funky edge.

Dahlia Lace Sweatshirt (One Size, 1,490 Baht http://pmlo.co/19VHQ8F)
Coated Black Jeans (Size S,M 1,590 Baht http://pmlo.co/KgaMyc
It's funny to see how people are used to informal ordering via Facebook and Instagram comments. Even though, to me, ordering on the website is so much easier. All the info is there! All the payment options are there! No need for communicating with actual people. We've had to adapt our strategy to fit this style but it brings us really close to our fans.

Checked Cutout Dress (Size S,M 2,290 Baht http://pmlo.co/1ailQRV)
Photoshoot by Diane Piroon Photography @ Fatbird Ari
So the fashion landscape in Thailand continues to develop. Bloggers are becoming celebrities and celebrities are becoming fashion designers. And now entrepreneurs are putting some serious baht behind their passion and shaping the future of fashion. Soon, Pomelo will be turning towards other markets in Southeast Asia.

Enjoy these pics from the latest Pomelo photoshoot by Diane Piroon Photography and check out our Facebook, Instagram and website. Stay tuned for more updates and more posts in 2014! Happy New Year everyone! -SSI

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Vintage Treasure Trove @ Thonglor Art Village

A couple weeks ago I stopped by Thonglor Art Village to satisfy my coffee craving at the Casa Lapin counter. Sadly, the owner was at his other branch in Soi 49 so my latte lust went unfulfilled... But glad I made the trip because the vintage showroom happend to be open!

Check out their Facebook and Instagram for cool pics and updates. If you want to stop by, give Khun Nok (the owner) a call first to make sure it's open, or make an appointment. Find the shop at the top of Thonglor Soi 17, across from Benz Thonglor.

I picked up this 90's lookin jacket for 700 Baht. (Yeah... I'ma take your grandma's style...I'ma take your grandma's style... No for real - ask your grandma - can I have her hand-me-downs?)

Amazing Barbie colored sequin cotton top.

Probably the best collecion of vintage jewelry I've seen in Bangkok so far.

From outside the shop is right next to Spaghetti House and the Thonglor Art Village entrance.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

See and be seen at Bangkok's new green scene

Vintage flea markets aren't the only type of market experiencing a renewal here in our fair city. Organic markets, farmer's markets, green markets - whatever you call them - are sprouting up everywhere. Barely a weekend goes by when I'm not buying organic vegan charcoal croissants or environmentally friendly homemade muesli mix from a friendly hippie/hipster.

Check out all of Bangkok's green info compiled into one handy website - Urban Green Scene.
Find them on Facebook at The Urban Green Scene (Thailand) or www.theurbangreenscene.com.

Also check out their blog reviewing all of Bangkok's green goodness - www.bangkokgreenie.com and on Facebook at Bangkok Greenie.

Head over to these markets to meet new friends and run into old friends also kickstarting their healthy lifestyle. See what healthy stuff is out there and sample lots of delicious locally sourced and produced food and drinks.

Go to www.bkkfm.com for updates specifically on Bangkok Farmers Markets. Last weekend it was K'Village, this weekend it's Four Points Sheraton.

Next week it's Phra Artit! See you there!


Friday, July 12, 2013

Made by Legacy brings a New York style flea market to Bangkok

This year has seen a ton of vintage boutiques popping up in Bangkok and Thai designers have really made their mark in the world. What's missing from the Bangkok vintage and fashion scene?

Flea markets!

But, like farmers markets, flea markets are creeping up on our City of Angels like little critters on a soi dog's tail.

See you tomorrow at Made by Legacy!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Thai Designers are Girlie Girls

Thai fashion houses are starting to choose sides. Team Girlie Girl vs. The Edgy Chicks.  The distinction was clear to me during my daily stroll through Paragon. (You see, I have some time on my hands now.)

It's all over for Sretsis, Disaya and Kloset. They've morphed into variations on a cotton candy theme with their barely distinguishable collections. Sretsis Spring Summer 2013 brings us hearts and ponies, Kloset shows a daydreamy collection titled 'Me, Myself and the Sky' (obviously a continuation from last season's whimsical tea parties) while Disaya's current designs are 'Kisses from the Blooms,' so that's flowers and... umm...kisses. Smooches, dahling!

Unfortunately, one of my long-time favorite brands and a pioneer of Thai fashion, Issue, is also falling for the girlie trap, and I'm not talking meet-at-Soi-Cowboy-marry-me-and-support-my-whole-village type of girlie trap.

Issue's Summer Sweet SS13 collection sadly takes the edge off their unique, bold, Eastern inspired designs with pastel shades, pouffy peplum skirts and scalloped edged miniskirts. I still love the luxe hippie vibe from Issue though, and the evening wear in black, with sheer panels and embellishments is très magnifique.   

But is Issue's double personality a reflection of a larger... issue in Thai society? (Sorry couldn't resist!) 

On my way out of Paragon I stopped to buy the latest shade of M.A.C baby pink lipstick with matching gloss so I'm not really one to talk. But art reflects life and Thai fashion seems to reflect the way we view women in society.

Thai soap operas cast female leads into distinct roles - the innocent sweet girl (heroine), the vamp (villain - until she repents and becomes the heroine), the married woman/mother (thus naggy and unnattractive) and, of course, the comic relief (being cross-eyed and/or a maid is optional). Are we casting our clothing choices into the same roles?

And perhaps an even more important question, can any respectable woman over the age of 30 actually wear these girlie designs and get away with it??

The Girlie Girls: Sretsis, Disaya, Kloset, Lyn Around

Paula Taylor manages to pull off a Kloset mini dress at the ripe old age of 30.

On the other hand, the vampy villain of our beloved lakorns would most likely be caught cheating with someone's husband in a creation by Milin or Vatanika. These brands almost overdo it on the bra tops, cutouts, and mini skirts to ensure they're spotted on the most daring, bold, and prieow of Bangkok's hi-so gals. 

If you're a working woman in Bangkok in your late 20's or early 30's, like almost everyone I see around me on the sky train, then you probably have a better chance with the Edgy Chick look. Even then, you're required to go the extra mile (or floor, if you're in Paragon) to Zara for a blazer to cover your cut-out obliques, at least until you arrive at your usual table at Seen Space after work.

Maybe this dilemma just highlights the need for more variety in Thai fashion. If so, I hope some new designers who aren't afraid to forge new territory will jump at the chance to fill the gap.

The Edgy Chicks: Vickteerut, Vatanika, Asava, Milin

With the new 'Lady to Drink' collection I may have to switch
Milin from team edgy to team girlie.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Vintage @ Rain Hill Sukhumvit Soi 47

A while back, on a ramen run to Rain Hill, I discovered a couple vintage shops tucked away on the upper floors. There's not too much choice here in terms of shopping, so I recommend you check it out if you're already in the area... sharing a bottle of vino at Wine Connection or a bowl of udon...

Triple Stitched

This is a vintage menswear shop at Rain Hill Shopping Complex, Sukhumvit Soi 47. They specialize in vintage denim and vintage duds from Japan. Check them out their blog (although it hasn't been updated for a while).

Him & Her

Vintage men's, women's and some first-hand pieces at Rain Hill Shopping Complex, Sukhumvit Soi 47. Find updates and new pieces on Facebook.

Triple Stitched
Triple Stitched

Triple Stitched
Him & Her
Him & Her
Him & Her

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Tiong Bahru, Singapore

I recently spent some time in Singapore for work, which game me a chance to explore parts of the city that didn't make it into my usual weekend-in-Singapore itineraries.

As Thais we think we know Singapore, same with Singaporeans in Bangkok. When I asked my Singaporean co-workers what they did for fun or where they shopped, the usual reply was "Bangkok."

Singaporeans love the cheap shopping, food and nightlife in Bangkok. Thais go to Singapore to shop at brand name stores and see touristy places like Universal Studios or Marina Bay Sands. And Singapore is the destination our companies ship us Thais off to every few months because it's the Asian headquarters for pretty much every company.

Singaporeans and expats complain about a lack of culture in Singapore, but I disagree. Sure, Chinatown is more like a movie set than a place of real business and history, and Clark Quay reminds me of Disneyland with alcohol, you can practically cross the city without leaving the confines of a mall...Wait, where was I going with this??

Anyway, I decided I wanted to find at least a few unique places in Singapore, and in my friend's neighborhood of Tiong Bahru, I did.

I've heard it described as the Brooklyn of Singapore, where hipsters sip soy lattes and young gay couples open furniture stores, while trendy expats find NYC-style loft apartments. Sadly, this means the elderly generations of Chinese aunties and uncles who've lived here forever are being slowly forced out. The lucky ones will rent their now stylishly renovated flats out for a small fortune.

Still... here's a few interesting boutiques and cafes in Tiong Bahru to try next time you're in Singapore:

Nana & Bird 
What: Features clothing and accessories by Singaporean designers like Aijek.
Where: Boutique - 979 Chay Yan St  Tiong Bahru Commons #01-02, Singapore
When: Wednesday to Friday: 12pm-7pm / Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday: 11am-7pm

Books Actually
What: Pick up your guide to Singlish here - it specializes in works by Singaporean authors. In the back is a room full of vintage treasures from all over the island.
Where: 9 Yong Siak Street, Singapore, 168645 T: +65 62229195
When: Mon-Fri 11am-9pm, Sat 10am-9pm, Sun 10am-6pm

Fleas & Trees
What: Vintage and second hand clothes, fashion magazines, accessories, homehold wares and decor.
Where: 68 Seng Poh Lane, Singapore, 160068
When: Tues-Fri 5-10pm, Sat-Sun 11am-10pm

Tiong Bahru Bakery
What: Founded by renowned French chef, it's not exactly the epitome of Singaporean culture... or maybe it is? Expect to queue up on weekend mornings.
Where: 56 Eng Hoon St #01-70, Singapore, 160056
When: 8am-8pm daily (Closed Tuesdays)

Forty Hands
What: Supposedly the best coffee in all of Singapore. They do brunch, steamed buns and desserts.
Where: 78 Yong Siak St, #01-12, Tiong Bahru, Singapore, 160056
When: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday: 8am-7pm / Friday, Saturday: 8am-10pm  (Closed Mondays)

Books Actually
Books Actually

Nana & Bird
Nana & Bird

Fleas & Trees
Fleas & Trees