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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Vintage Treasure Trove @ Thonglor Art Village

A couple weeks ago I stopped by Thonglor Art Village to satisfy my coffee craving at the Casa Lapin counter. Sadly, the owner was at his other branch in Soi 49 so my latte lust went unfulfilled... But glad I made the trip because the vintage showroom happend to be open!

Check out their Facebook and Instagram for cool pics and updates. If you want to stop by, give Khun Nok (the owner) a call first to make sure it's open, or make an appointment. Find the shop at the top of Thonglor Soi 17, across from Benz Thonglor.

I picked up this 90's lookin jacket for 700 Baht. (Yeah... I'ma take your grandma's style...I'ma take your grandma's style... No for real - ask your grandma - can I have her hand-me-downs?)

Amazing Barbie colored sequin cotton top.

Probably the best collecion of vintage jewelry I've seen in Bangkok so far.

From outside the shop is right next to Spaghetti House and the Thonglor Art Village entrance.

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