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Monday, December 30, 2013

Pomelo, Southeast Asia's new online fashion brand

A while back I wrote about e-commerce changing how we shop in Thailand. I'm happy to report I'm now a real part of that 'online shopping revolution,' and not just a shining example of online shopping addiction.

Cropped Burgundy Sweatshirt (1,790 Baht) &
Lace Trim Burgundy Skirt (2,190 Baht)  http://pmlo.co/1jZsEh3
Photoshoot by Diane Piroon Photography @ Fatbird Ari
I started working at Pomelo (www.pomelofashion.com) about 6 months ago, looking after website content, social media, marketing and public relations. Our philosophy is to bring stylish pieces straight to your door anywhere in Thailand and Singapore (more countries coming soon!) in a couple days or less at reasonable prices with the nicest most efficient (and style savvy) customer service ever. Shameless sales pitch? Check.

Geometric Shirt (Size M, 1,690 Baht http://pmlo.co/1bwXBPJ)
Photoshoot by Diane Piroon Photography @ Fatbird Ari
There's so much room for new fashion in Thailand, especially now that we're embracing more trends from overseas and expressing ourselves a lot more through how we dress. And not to sound like the TAT slogan machine, but Thailand is sort of the fashion hub of Southeast Asia. (Just look at how many Singaporeans and Malaysians descend on Terminal 21 during the winter months.)

This is the perfect time for a start-up fashion brand like Pomelo. We're takeing the trends from Asia - sometimes ones that Thailand is already in love with (e.g. crop tops) and sometimes ones that are the next big thing (eg. big bold print dresses) - and bringing them to Thailand in a very accessible way. The look is street style taken up a notch, chic and effortless, plus work staples with a funky edge.

Dahlia Lace Sweatshirt (One Size, 1,490 Baht http://pmlo.co/19VHQ8F)
Coated Black Jeans (Size S,M 1,590 Baht http://pmlo.co/KgaMyc
It's funny to see how people are used to informal ordering via Facebook and Instagram comments. Even though, to me, ordering on the website is so much easier. All the info is there! All the payment options are there! No need for communicating with actual people. We've had to adapt our strategy to fit this style but it brings us really close to our fans.

Checked Cutout Dress (Size S,M 2,290 Baht http://pmlo.co/1ailQRV)
Photoshoot by Diane Piroon Photography @ Fatbird Ari
So the fashion landscape in Thailand continues to develop. Bloggers are becoming celebrities and celebrities are becoming fashion designers. And now entrepreneurs are putting some serious baht behind their passion and shaping the future of fashion. Soon, Pomelo will be turning towards other markets in Southeast Asia.

Enjoy these pics from the latest Pomelo photoshoot by Diane Piroon Photography and check out our Facebook, Instagram and website. Stay tuned for more updates and more posts in 2014! Happy New Year everyone! -SSI

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