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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Getting in front of the camera in The Fash Mash

Bangkok has always been so inspiring. Different styles on the street, new designers popping up everywhere from Chatuchak to Siam. My personal style has evolved as I've blogged through the years too.

But I've always used this blog as a catalogue of my favorite places to shop, not a platform for pictures of my own style. I was a little camera shy, I'll admit.

But when my best friends and I got to talking about starting a style blog together it seemed like a great fit to compliment Siam Style Insider, and the other projects we each have going on.

Thus, The Fash Mash was born! A personal style blog by Diane Piroon and Sumati Bajaj and myself. Diane's got the photographer eye, Sumati the journalist's touch, I'm the [somewhat] experienced blogger. And we're all more than a little obsessed wtih photos, styling, fashion and writing.

The Fash Mash is our new fashion experiment, highlighting the styles we love from up and coming local Thai designers and vintage finds we've collected over the years.

We each have different perspectives and we're not afraid to laugh at ourselves and the whole idea of fashion blogging. As one of my guy friends commented, "So it's just a bunch of pictures of yourselves?" Ummm, kinda. "And stuff we do/see/wear/eat!!" I said in our defense.

I still double tap my favorite bloggers' photos of their feet, their composed shots of brunch, their pastel macarons mysteriously arranged next to laptops, but we're ready to break some cliches with The Fash Mash.

We try to stay true to our own styles, mashing them up each week for a different take on #thefashmash concept. A concept which we think is pretty new to the blogger game.

Fashion blogging can seem a bit absurd and over-saturated right now. (Is owning fluffly hotel-quality white bedsheets a pre-requisite for fashion blogging??) But at the same time it's so relevant. My IG feed is basically every angle of every runway at #NYFW thanks to bloggers. 

So here we are, getting in front of the camera to see where it takes us and how we can be different.

Check out our latest post on The Fash Mash for more! Tag #thefashmash on IG to connect with us!

Have you ever wanted to blog? Ever looked at Song of Style or Chiara and thought, I could totally do that!?

Check out The Fash Mash and follow us @thefashmash and Like The Fash Mash on Facebook and let us know what you think!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Invasion of the Leggy Thai Supermodels

It's been over one year since I joined Pomelo as Style Editor. In that year I've come to appreciate the skill it takes to model. Sure, I used to watch ANTM as much as the next girl, but I couldn't help thinking models had it easy.  A beautiful face and a bangin' body and certain things just come easy - modelizing rich dudes, free drinks, cool off-duty style.

But over the dozens of photoshoots, products launches, trends and collections it's clear that models play a huge role in selling our clothes, creating our brand and connecting with our customers. They are the face of Pomelo. I see that the best models are the ones who appreciate the seriousness of their job while conveying a sense of happiness, irreverence and authenticity. Being gorgeous doesn't hurt either!

So now in honor of Thais who are killing it in their various fields, here's a shout out to some of the coolest girls, and hottest models I've had the pleasure of working with (and some I haven't).

We recently shot Aokbab (her nickname means Design in Thai) for a sporty street style campaign in conjunction with LINE mobile shopping below. Her street savvy look is perfect for Pomelo (photos: Sergio del Amo), so it's amazing to see how easily she slips into high fashion mode for Vogue.

We've worked with Home a few times at Pomelo now. I love how her hair is different every time! She's a super cool girl with mile long legs and I really hope she takes over the fashion industry soon. Follow her IG for cute udpates from her and her model gang.

Home (right) with another awesome Pomelo model, Earn
Another one of our faves is Fern. She's also a favorite of Cheeze and Nylon, two magazines we're obsessed with at Pomelo. She's a model, design student, artful Instagrammer and brand founder of Not For Everyone. So true, Fern, your style isn't for everyone, and we love it!

Behind the scenes with Fern at Pomelo
Linn is one of the most in demand Thai models. We haven't worked with her at Pomelo yet but we love her edgy, sophisticated style. Linn, if you're reading this we'd love to shoot you! See more of Linn at The FashionSpot.

Yoghurt is another Thai model that's making it to super status. She's in demand for every Bangkok fashion week and was the first Asian model to cover L'Officiel Thailand.

Thanks to all the models that work with us at Pomelo. We couldn't do it without you!! Check out more of the gorgeous girls in our funky clothes. Who do you love most?

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Thai Designers Are Going Online

In the past most Thai designer brands just could not get the hang of e-commerce. A beautiful website would remain stagnant without udpates for years. Annoying Flash graphics would ruin the customer experience. Gorgeous pictures would click to nowhere and links were always broken.

One off redesigns are just not enough. Take it from us, updates need to be constant and even more frequent than Facebook and Instagram posts to keep users engaged and buying online.

Now, I'm happy to report some Thai designers have joined the 21st century and introduced real, usable e-commerce sites. That means shoppers outside of Thailand finally have access to their cool designs and we in the City of Angels don't have to brave traffic and smelly skytrains to check out their new collections. Yay!

Milin probably has one of the best interfaces for shopping AND they do special sales and marketing just for online customers. Add this to your bookmarks bar ladies. Their end of the season clearance sale is on now!

Vickteerut just announced the launch of it's online store. It seems they haven't worked out all the glitches yet, but we're still excited to be able to buy their gorgeous pieces online... sometime soon.

Greyhound has had an online shop for a while now. Some pieces are even sold exclusively online. Though I still get the feeling products aren't updated and we aren't seeing nearly the whole collection.

Maybe it's their international roots or their NY savvy shopper nature, but Boyy is leading the accessories game in Thailand and their online shop is the most professional. Detailed shopping instructions, video lookbooks and lots of products will keep you checking this site for updates.

Issue, Asava, Sretsis, we're waiting for you!

What do you think about Thai designers' e-commerce endeavors? Have you ordered from them before?

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Thai Designer Thakoon Taking Over Fashion?

There's nothing that I love more than seeing my fellow Thais killing it overseas - especially in fashion. 

Emerging Thai designer Nuj Novakhett made a name for herself in the New York fashion scene and went on to collborate with Jaspal, albeit with a bit of scandal. The Thai-American It Couple behind Boyy Bag took the reverse route. After making their mark in Bangkok, they recently debuted at Bergdorf's to intense fanfair.

But the King of all Overseas Successful Thais (OSTs) must be Thakoon Panichgul. His eponymous label Thakoon Addition has been spotted on FLOTUS Michelle Obama and attached to Andrew Garfield at the MET Ball.

Emma Stone in Thakoon at the MET Ball

Thakoon's success story has humble beginnings. He was born in Chiang Rai, and moved with his famliy to Omaha, Nebraska at a young age. He graduated from Boston University with a business degree and started his fashion career at J.Crew as a merchandiser. The rest is history, which you can read here.

FW14 Saturated colors on the catwalk (instagram.com/ThakoonNY) 
Emma Stone in Thakoon crop top at the MET Ball
Who doesn't want to be his BFF? (instagram.com/ThakoonNY)
SS15 Summery florals (instagram.com/ThakoonNY) 
Thakoon's grown-up floral frocks and surreal prints have yet to make the huge impact in Bangkok that they have in New York, but my guess is it's only a matter of time. And now with Thakoon Addition launching shoes, I'm not sure how long we Thais can resist claiming him as our own. Hopefully he doesn't go all Tiger Woods on us.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

New Mall Alert! Central Embassy

Bangkok is great because there's always something new to do some new mall to check out. Personally, I'm still waiting for District Em to crash land between Sukhumvit Soi 35 and 39. I heard that the prawn people that live there are really friendly.

Until my sci-fi dreams become reality, I'll have to make do with the other new mall on the block, Central Embassy. Deemed the new designer destination in Thailand, it's mostly famous for it's incomplete look and gritty flooring that offends nearly everyone who enters.

Still, Central Embassy does boast a curated collection of the usual high end European designers, some newcomer flagships, brunch spots, concept stores and Japanese restaurants. Oh and Zara also landed yet another ginormous retail space for those of us who buy our Margiella in knock-off form.

Connected to Pleonchit BTS, you can't miss Central Embassy. There's also a giant metallic horse in front. Don't try to ride it though, those coin slots are just for decoration.

Coolest Store: Siwilai Concept Store

One of the highlights of Central Embassy is Siwilai, a new concept store. You'll never be able to afford anything, but feel free to browse! Cool designers like Fausto Puglisi and The Row are featured for the first time in Thailand. Follow the hi-so life on their FB page.

Rest Stop: The Girl And The Pig

The Girl And The Pig, besides describing my date last night (haha), is a bakery and brunch place. Much to our surprise, this cafe/restaurant found inside Central Embassy was actually... good. Plus, you'll probably need a rest from wandering around the mall aimlessly since you can't afford anything except Zara. Stalk food porn on their Facebook if you don't believe me.

The Girl And The Pig:
Mushroom and grilled veggie salad with poached Egg

The Girl And The Pig:
Mediterranean baked chicken with fried egg and garlic bread

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

My Boyfriend Jeans, Never Let Them Go

Raw denim has been gaining momentum in Bangkok for a while now. The concept orginates overseas, but local brands have recently stepped up to answer Bangkok's denim demands. Now, raw denim is a a supertrend that can't be stopped.

I didn't get it at first either. My boyfriend, one half of Bangkok-based Nama Denim, had to explain it to me.

What's raw denim?

All denim begins it's life raw. Stiff, thick and a very dark shade of indigo. Brands add fades, bleach patterns and rips. Think Diesel's iconic fades or acid washed Topshop Mom Jeans.

Nama Denim is about pure, unadulterated denim in all it's glory. Japanese denim is the most coveted, since Japanese fabric mills now possess the vintage American looms that were discarded decades ago. Vintage looms + authentic raw denim = a product very close to the orignal by Levi Strauss himself.

The fade comes with time as you wear down the jeans and finally wash them, letting the indigo dye bleed off and reveal the personalized fade pattern underneath. Nama Denim recommends at least 3-6 months of wear before the first wash.

Selvedge Denim

That little red seam that's peeking out the cuff of your jeans? Don't be surprised if a denimhead judges you by it.

Selvedge jeans are made using the edge of a piece of raw denim fabric. Rim daeng (ริมแดง) in Thai, it's even more authentic and exclusive. Depending on the color and style of the selvedge, of course.

The boyfriend fit

Being selvedge means the jeans are very straight down the outer seam of the garment. Perfect for guys. But what about our girlie hourglass figures?

Personally, I like the straight look of these jeans. Although they weren't made for my shape, I think they are really flattering on girls. The straightness elongates the legs, especially with heels. The boyfriend fit and dark color is slimming.

Not just for the boys

High quality, timeless, authentic. To me, these are the best qualities of guys' style. And denimheads will agree, these are the tenets of their raw denim obsession.

Guys usually like it classic, with a few key pieces to complete their look. Don't ask me to pare down my wardrobe, but there's something to be said for dependable closet staples. After all, we want our guys dependable too, don't we?

I'm wearing Nama Denim Japanese denim in Skinny Fit. Shop the style here and check out their shop in Terminal 21 (2nd floor).

Follow Nama Denim on Instagram @namadenim and Facebook for updates.

Monday, June 16, 2014

One Ounce For Onion: Concept Store & Cafe

If you're a Bangkok hipster in the know, then you're probaby reading this from one of the outdoor benches at One Ounce For Onion, rolled ciggie and Colombia brew in hand. You can stop reading now.

But if you haven't checked out One Ounce For Onion yet, then make your way down the little sub-soi off Ekamai Soi 12 and try their brief but delicious menu of home cooked grub and home roasted coffee. Stay for a while and browse the eclectic collection of clothes, shoes and glasses. 

Read the rest of my review of One Ounce For Onion over at BKK Events...

Saturday, June 14, 2014

World Cup Fever!

Viva la Neymar!!! Everyone has World Cup fever, even in Bangkok, where our dear leaders lifted our midnight curfew just so we could watch the 2am games. Military rule rules!

The fashion world as gone crazy for sporty looks ever since Prada models sauntered down the runway in knee high bejeweled soccer socks for Spring/Summer 2014. Street style soon followed with basketball jerseys, Nike swooshes, mesh dresses and pool sliders. Pool sliders?! Yes, pool sliders.

This is true Man Repeller fashion according to my boyfriend, who shook his head and sighed when I asked him which team has the best jewel toned jerseys.

So go on, grab a jersey. Any sport will do! And let World Cup Fever invade your closet. Get the look: Pomelo has tons of new sporty styles just in to complete your effortless (yes extremely well planned) street style look.

Images from: Pinterest, Tomorrow's Outfit, Pomelo

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Commit A Sin

This new Thai designer dares you to be bad. And when you're not afraid of being really bad, chances are your fashion will be really good.

Commit A Sin was launched in 2013 by Pattamon Taechanarong. The debut collection is all about desire, namely the seven deadly kinds. It's also about women and feminism. Anything that dares us Bangkokians to be sinful and acknowledge our desires is fine by me. On with hedonism, down with frilly girlie pastels.

I think that if I tried to dress like my favorite sin, sloth, I'd probably end up in a literal furry sloth costume or half dressed lazily in my jammies. But if I dressed in this Sloth collection as per Commit A Sin's lookbook, I'd be ready to take on Thonglor AND Ekamai in one night while at least a few onlookers wonder if I'm a B-grade dara from Channel 7. (The answer is yes.... just kidding.)

Facebook - Commit A Sin
Instagram - @commit_a_sin
Website - commitasin.com
Contact - commit.a.sin@hotmail.com
Shop - 75 Soi Viphavadi Rangsit Soi 17

Check out my favorite Sins.

Crop Top 7,450 Baht, Trousers 12,800 Baht

Carpenter Overalls 9,350 Baht, Crop Top 6,950 Baht

Suit Jacket 15,200 Baht, Trousers 5,650 Baht

Jumpsuit, 11,850 Baht

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Hawaiian Shirts: So Out, Totes In.

Tropical print shirts are one of those classic looks that are always simultaneously chic and totally out of style. It all depends on how you wear it. Personally, I'm in love with the look. The only stipulation is you must wear it in a fashion-y way, i.e. an unexpected union of tropical leaves + demure pleated skirt or beach print shirt + sleek pencil skirt and girly heels. If you're going full hipster, add ripped denim but keep the shoes classy - chunky heel or a classic pump.

Score the perfect worn in Hawaiian shirt on Instagram from Make Do And Mend Store.

Elisa Nalin in cool shades (and shades of cool color) + the perfect
amount of accessories via Harpers Bazaar 
Yasmin Sewell channelling a street style Mexican gangster in this buttoned up
Hawaiian print Stella McCartney creation via Street Peeper