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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Second Hand & Vintage Clothes at Chatuchak: An Updated Guide

My advice for Chatuchak is the same as for anything in life, go with low expectations and come out happily surprised. Expect too much and end up a literal hot mess. Chatuchak laughs in the face of plans. Muahahaha! Expect to find the unexpected. And wear something that's comfortable and conducive to trying stuff on without flashing the crowd. That said, if you do look cool enough you might just get snapped by a roving Cheeze photographer.

My recommended route for Chatuchak:

Take the MRT and get off at Kamphaeng Phet station. Look to your right and see 1. Karmakamet, 2. Endless queue for the bathrooms and 3. Some vintage Thai posters. Choose 3. Vintage Thai posters.

Make your way along the lanes in this outdoor section. It's become pretty hi-so out here. So take advantage and stop at Dry Clean Only for a blinged out 90's wolf tee that once belonged to a middle aged guy from Toledo.

Make your way through the terrace-like area full of trendy clothes. Grab something to drink on the way (non alcoholic for now, the bars open when shopping closes) and continue until you hit Gate 3.

After Gate 3 the second hand area begins. Snake your way through the narrow sois, and enjoy shopping for everything from New Balance and Birkenstocks (best condition is 800-900 Baht) to 70's concert tees, retro sequin dresses and any kind of denim you could imagine.

His And Hers vintage accessories and eyewear is the perfect place to score spectacular spectacles.

What's Vintage has a cool selection of high waisted bikinis in vintage fabric.

I scored some boyfriend jeans - (haven't forgotten my raw Nama Denim's, don't worry post coming soon!!) - Vintage Levi's 501s with cool fades for 900 Baht. Sadly, the store didn't have a name and I've lost their FB contact. But the man in charge was a jeans expert who knew the history of each pair in his shop. Here are some pics and I'll update with the contact asap. Happy shopping!

Happy Valentine's vintage lovers!


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Elise said...

I love this! Totally a good blog :) I like how yours is way more developed than mine and you didn't even tell me about it meanwhile I'm like "Yeah, I'm a blogger" haha... By the way, tt's Elise from the networking tonight.