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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

My Boyfriend Jeans, Never Let Them Go

Raw denim has been gaining momentum in Bangkok for a while now. The concept orginates overseas, but local brands have recently stepped up to answer Bangkok's denim demands. Now, raw denim is a a supertrend that can't be stopped.

I didn't get it at first either. My boyfriend, one half of Bangkok-based Nama Denim, had to explain it to me.

What's raw denim?

All denim begins it's life raw. Stiff, thick and a very dark shade of indigo. Brands add fades, bleach patterns and rips. Think Diesel's iconic fades or acid washed Topshop Mom Jeans.

Nama Denim is about pure, unadulterated denim in all it's glory. Japanese denim is the most coveted, since Japanese fabric mills now possess the vintage American looms that were discarded decades ago. Vintage looms + authentic raw denim = a product very close to the orignal by Levi Strauss himself.

The fade comes with time as you wear down the jeans and finally wash them, letting the indigo dye bleed off and reveal the personalized fade pattern underneath. Nama Denim recommends at least 3-6 months of wear before the first wash.

Selvedge Denim

That little red seam that's peeking out the cuff of your jeans? Don't be surprised if a denimhead judges you by it.

Selvedge jeans are made using the edge of a piece of raw denim fabric. Rim daeng (ริมแดง) in Thai, it's even more authentic and exclusive. Depending on the color and style of the selvedge, of course.

The boyfriend fit

Being selvedge means the jeans are very straight down the outer seam of the garment. Perfect for guys. But what about our girlie hourglass figures?

Personally, I like the straight look of these jeans. Although they weren't made for my shape, I think they are really flattering on girls. The straightness elongates the legs, especially with heels. The boyfriend fit and dark color is slimming.

Not just for the boys

High quality, timeless, authentic. To me, these are the best qualities of guys' style. And denimheads will agree, these are the tenets of their raw denim obsession.

Guys usually like it classic, with a few key pieces to complete their look. Don't ask me to pare down my wardrobe, but there's something to be said for dependable closet staples. After all, we want our guys dependable too, don't we?

I'm wearing Nama Denim Japanese denim in Skinny Fit. Shop the style here and check out their shop in Terminal 21 (2nd floor).

Follow Nama Denim on Instagram @namadenim and Facebook for updates.

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