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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

New Mall Alert! Central Embassy

Bangkok is great because there's always something new to do some new mall to check out. Personally, I'm still waiting for District Em to crash land between Sukhumvit Soi 35 and 39. I heard that the prawn people that live there are really friendly.

Until my sci-fi dreams become reality, I'll have to make do with the other new mall on the block, Central Embassy. Deemed the new designer destination in Thailand, it's mostly famous for it's incomplete look and gritty flooring that offends nearly everyone who enters.

Still, Central Embassy does boast a curated collection of the usual high end European designers, some newcomer flagships, brunch spots, concept stores and Japanese restaurants. Oh and Zara also landed yet another ginormous retail space for those of us who buy our Margiella in knock-off form.

Connected to Pleonchit BTS, you can't miss Central Embassy. There's also a giant metallic horse in front. Don't try to ride it though, those coin slots are just for decoration.

Coolest Store: Siwilai Concept Store

One of the highlights of Central Embassy is Siwilai, a new concept store. You'll never be able to afford anything, but feel free to browse! Cool designers like Fausto Puglisi and The Row are featured for the first time in Thailand. Follow the hi-so life on their FB page.

Rest Stop: The Girl And The Pig

The Girl And The Pig, besides describing my date last night (haha), is a bakery and brunch place. Much to our surprise, this cafe/restaurant found inside Central Embassy was actually... good. Plus, you'll probably need a rest from wandering around the mall aimlessly since you can't afford anything except Zara. Stalk food porn on their Facebook if you don't believe me.

The Girl And The Pig:
Mushroom and grilled veggie salad with poached Egg

The Girl And The Pig:
Mediterranean baked chicken with fried egg and garlic bread

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