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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Thai Designers Are Going Online

In the past most Thai designer brands just could not get the hang of e-commerce. A beautiful website would remain stagnant without udpates for years. Annoying Flash graphics would ruin the customer experience. Gorgeous pictures would click to nowhere and links were always broken.

One off redesigns are just not enough. Take it from us, updates need to be constant and even more frequent than Facebook and Instagram posts to keep users engaged and buying online.

Now, I'm happy to report some Thai designers have joined the 21st century and introduced real, usable e-commerce sites. That means shoppers outside of Thailand finally have access to their cool designs and we in the City of Angels don't have to brave traffic and smelly skytrains to check out their new collections. Yay!

Milin probably has one of the best interfaces for shopping AND they do special sales and marketing just for online customers. Add this to your bookmarks bar ladies. Their end of the season clearance sale is on now!

Vickteerut just announced the launch of it's online store. It seems they haven't worked out all the glitches yet, but we're still excited to be able to buy their gorgeous pieces online... sometime soon.

Greyhound has had an online shop for a while now. Some pieces are even sold exclusively online. Though I still get the feeling products aren't updated and we aren't seeing nearly the whole collection.

Maybe it's their international roots or their NY savvy shopper nature, but Boyy is leading the accessories game in Thailand and their online shop is the most professional. Detailed shopping instructions, video lookbooks and lots of products will keep you checking this site for updates.

Issue, Asava, Sretsis, we're waiting for you!

What do you think about Thai designers' e-commerce endeavors? Have you ordered from them before?

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Thai Designer Thakoon Taking Over Fashion?

There's nothing that I love more than seeing my fellow Thais killing it overseas - especially in fashion. 

Emerging Thai designer Nuj Novakhett made a name for herself in the New York fashion scene and went on to collborate with Jaspal, albeit with a bit of scandal. The Thai-American It Couple behind Boyy Bag took the reverse route. After making their mark in Bangkok, they recently debuted at Bergdorf's to intense fanfair.

But the King of all Overseas Successful Thais (OSTs) must be Thakoon Panichgul. His eponymous label Thakoon Addition has been spotted on FLOTUS Michelle Obama and attached to Andrew Garfield at the MET Ball.

Emma Stone in Thakoon at the MET Ball

Thakoon's success story has humble beginnings. He was born in Chiang Rai, and moved with his famliy to Omaha, Nebraska at a young age. He graduated from Boston University with a business degree and started his fashion career at J.Crew as a merchandiser. The rest is history, which you can read here.

FW14 Saturated colors on the catwalk (instagram.com/ThakoonNY) 
Emma Stone in Thakoon crop top at the MET Ball
Who doesn't want to be his BFF? (instagram.com/ThakoonNY)
SS15 Summery florals (instagram.com/ThakoonNY) 
Thakoon's grown-up floral frocks and surreal prints have yet to make the huge impact in Bangkok that they have in New York, but my guess is it's only a matter of time. And now with Thakoon Addition launching shoes, I'm not sure how long we Thais can resist claiming him as our own. Hopefully he doesn't go all Tiger Woods on us.