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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Getting in front of the camera in The Fash Mash

Bangkok has always been so inspiring. Different styles on the street, new designers popping up everywhere from Chatuchak to Siam. My personal style has evolved as I've blogged through the years too.

But I've always used this blog as a catalogue of my favorite places to shop, not a platform for pictures of my own style. I was a little camera shy, I'll admit.

But when my best friends and I got to talking about starting a style blog together it seemed like a great fit to compliment Siam Style Insider, and the other projects we each have going on.

Thus, The Fash Mash was born! A personal style blog by Diane Piroon and Sumati Bajaj and myself. Diane's got the photographer eye, Sumati the journalist's touch, I'm the [somewhat] experienced blogger. And we're all more than a little obsessed wtih photos, styling, fashion and writing.

The Fash Mash is our new fashion experiment, highlighting the styles we love from up and coming local Thai designers and vintage finds we've collected over the years.

We each have different perspectives and we're not afraid to laugh at ourselves and the whole idea of fashion blogging. As one of my guy friends commented, "So it's just a bunch of pictures of yourselves?" Ummm, kinda. "And stuff we do/see/wear/eat!!" I said in our defense.

I still double tap my favorite bloggers' photos of their feet, their composed shots of brunch, their pastel macarons mysteriously arranged next to laptops, but we're ready to break some cliches with The Fash Mash.

We try to stay true to our own styles, mashing them up each week for a different take on #thefashmash concept. A concept which we think is pretty new to the blogger game.

Fashion blogging can seem a bit absurd and over-saturated right now. (Is owning fluffly hotel-quality white bedsheets a pre-requisite for fashion blogging??) But at the same time it's so relevant. My IG feed is basically every angle of every runway at #NYFW thanks to bloggers. 

So here we are, getting in front of the camera to see where it takes us and how we can be different.

Check out our latest post on The Fash Mash for more! Tag #thefashmash on IG to connect with us!

Have you ever wanted to blog? Ever looked at Song of Style or Chiara and thought, I could totally do that!?

Check out The Fash Mash and follow us @thefashmash and Like The Fash Mash on Facebook and let us know what you think!

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