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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Fashion Faux Pas: When brands make mistakes on social media

Fashion brands, they're just like us! And they don't always get it right online. Their tweets can be embarrassing and their 'grams a little grainy. Here's two recent errors from some of our favorite trendsetting brands.

- Nasty Gal copying Balmain and selling it for $78? Fine by us. Claiming Taylor Swift is wearing it at the Billboard Awards? Probably best not to make an emeny of Olivier Rousteing, Sophia. Read the full story on Jezebel. (This must feel familiar for Nasty Gal, who was accused of copying a design from Etsy in 2013.)

Photo via yahoo.com

- The designer that sits atop the House of DVF isn't immune to social media fallout. Many followers were less than impressed with the diva for Instagramming a photoshopped image of Bruce Jenner in her classic wrap dress. Read her response on WWD.

Photo via huffingtonpost.com

- Ok it's not a fashion brand, but Bud Light combined a social media and packaging campaign that was all in very poor taste (har har). The #upforwhatever campaign combines TV commercials, a social component and bottle labels that are, to put it mildy, a little "rapey."
- Oh, and on a side note, Anthropologie's dresses are getting so hideous and expensive even their loyal fans are abandoning ship. Read the full story on Washington Post and see below, selling for $648 (or 21,900 THB) on anthropologie.com.

Photo via anthropologie.com

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