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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Short Courses at Accademia Italiana Bangkok Part II

Inside Accademia Italiana

I recently took the short course Basic Pattern Making at Accademia Italiana here in Bangkok. Yes, I gave up three glorious Sundays to learn how patterns are measured, drawn, cut and sewn.

With a little sewing experience already under my belt (three dresses and a skirt, which are totally wearable thankyouverymuch) I felt pretty confident, but don't worry, absolute beginners will do just fine as well. Here's a synopsis of the class.

(Then read about how I gave up my Saturdays to take a course on fashion design...)

Fashion Design: Basic Pattern Making (3 Saturdays, 9am - 4pm)

Week 1

The class began with a lesson on how to measure. In contrast to the design course, this course was very technical. From measurement to drawing, everything must be exact. From our measurements we cut the fitted bodice in muslin and sewed it at home as homework. In the following weeks we would create the skirt and sew them together to make a fitted dress.

With a partner we measured each other and double checked our results with the teacher, Jovan Petrovski. An experienced designer and pattern maker himself, he emphasized the need for precision. Although most pattern makers use computer aided design now, we started from the beginning with pencil, ruler and tracing paper.

One millimeter off and it's off with your head. J/k.

Week 2 

This day was all about dart manipulation. In fitted pieces made with woven fabric, darts are necessary to give volume. You can place them in countless positions depending on your design. We used the bodice pattern block to make a bunch of different patterns to play with the darts. As homework we made the pencil skirt to attach to the bodice.

Week 3 

In the final class we manipulated the skirt pattern to add flounce and play with the darts and design lines. In the end we had pattern blocks and patterns made with our own measurements that we could manipulate to create designs. 

It's a beginner's class so we focused on the fundamentals. It gave us a taste of what it means to be a pattern maker. It's a skill that not most fashion designers will have basic knowledge of now, since it is taught in fashion schools. Jovan warned us, however, that it's a fading industry and very difficult to master. But it was fun and inspiring and made me want to learn more. I'll be taking Pattern Making II this August... so stay tuned!

The sewing studio with industrial sewing machines.

Accademia Italiana
3rd floor Jasmine City,
2  Sukhumvit Soi 23
Bangkok, Thailand 10110
Klongtoey Nua, Wattana

Head over to the school's website for more info on the courses including schedules.

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